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Welcome to Bellwether_talk.

This is a fledgling community for the discussion and creation of safe(r) spaces in SF/F fandom.

All people are welcome, so long as everyone treats one another with respect. Discussion and debate are encouraged. Insults and personal attacks are not.

The goal is not to censor anyone. At the same time, it's both possible and likely that a community such as this may draw the occasional troll. My own suggestion would be, if you feel insulted or attacked by a comment or post, to step away for a few minutes, then come back and try to explain your position. If the attacking or trolling continues, or if the initial attack seems exceptionally harsh, simply post a comment marking it "Troll". If three people mark a comment as trolling, that thread will be frozen.

Realistically, no Internet space will ever be 100% safe. However, I'd like to do what we can to make this as safe a space as possible. This means respect for those who disagree with what we're doing, as well as those who support us.


Bellwether: One that serves as a leader or as a leading indicator of future trends. (From dictionary.com). It is hoped that efforts here will help lead to a safer atmosphere at conventions and in fandom in general.

Or as one member put it, "First the cons. Then the world!"